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Jib Rental Dallas Texas Video Production DAF Media Columbus Ohio Atlanta


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DAF Media specializes in providing Jimmy Jibs and Remote Heads rental packages for the national film and broadcast industry. Our well-known and respected jib operators and jib technicians are well versed in a multitude of productions. Indoor, outdoor, sports, news, film, tv, we got you covered. We will take our Jibs anywhere to accommodate our clients’ desires.

The Stanton Triangle Jib

Arm Provides,

  • Instant camera height level maneuvering, the Jimmy Jib can film from inches above the ground up to 40ft high.
  • Built in electronic system providing your camera 360 angle positioning possibilities unitizing the Jimmy Jib remote head.
  • Camera support payload range 4-50lb. Creating a workable solution for any light or heavy duty camera production.

We provide a multitude of camera support for the 4K or larger film camera bodies like the  ARRI Alexa, RED Dragon, RED Epics, Sony F55, Sony F5, Sony FS7, Sony FS700, ARRI 535, and Panavision, including providing jib camera support for their zoom, focus, iris and start/stop needs. We also support the smaller EOS or DSLR bodies like the C300 Mark II, C500, C100, 5D, including support for their zoom, focus and iris.


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