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Welcome To DAF Media Your Event Video and TV Content Provider 

Live Events Streaming, Promotional Videos, Case Studies and TV Production

DAF Media makes the hassle of Live and Studio HD Broadcast multi-camera video production a thing of the past. Our team of producers, directors, camera operators, lighting technicians, audio engineers, video engineers and web streaming engineers has produced TV and Promotional content that has aired on some of your favorite networks and website.

DAF’s ability to generate ideas from production to delivery, without compromising creative integrity or quality, is the key to our success.

Live Events

As a full-service video production company, we have the staff, equipment, talent and experience to turn your next live production into a smashing success.

House of Worship

Need to cover your next church service and stream video to your online audience? No problem. From single camera coverage to full-blown broadcast production, we have you covered.


Our goal is to deliver terrific storytelling to create compelling TV content. We have provided closed captioning and media services for some of the highest rated TV Shows broadcasted across the world.

Jib Services

With over 10 years of Jimmy Jib Triangle and CamMate operating, we have the tools to distinguish your production from all the rest. Adding a Jib will instantly cover so much more with only 1 camera action. Angles as low to the ground, up to 40ft high within seconds along with full 360 angle operation. We've provided jib service for companies and tv networks all over the world.


We create promotional videos to sell your product through a compelling video that excites the senses, demonstrates your product, and effectively turns viewers into customers.

Documentary Films

We at DAF Media love creating documentary films based on your reality, because we believe storytelling is the essence of media production. Documentaries inspire, educate and create a visual historical record of your exciting journey. Allow DAF Media to share your history with world.

Is DAF Media right for your business?


Since we opened our doors in 2009, we’ve successful provided media for projects that has been viewed by millions across the world. We create visual presentations that are proven to increasing comprehension and likability. We’ve dipped our toe in every major industry, and we’ve gotten great results in each one.

Places you’ve seen DAF Media

Get to Know What We’re Good At

Live events have become go-to tactics for the most successful marketers. Why? Video tell your story, they are engaging and interactive. That’s the end, before we get your client interested we brainstorming of ideas, the creation of event brands and messaging, strategic plans, visual design, content development, digital or traditional media production, technology implementation and activation.

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